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At SCAD in Design Management, I've led innovative projects, refining user experiences and enhancing brand identities. From crafting immersive retail lab experiences for conferences to developing conflict resolution games, my work blends user-centered design principles with strategic planning to drive engagement and satisfaction. I've led teams, conducted user research, and executed prototype testing, ensuring our designs meet the evolving needs of users and stakeholders.

Conflict Resolution and
Team Building Platform

Bridging the
Communication Gap for
Interior Designers and
Onsite Agencies 

ButtSafe Pack:
Responsible Smoking

Instagram for
SCAD Faculty

Bridging Cultures
Through Homely Groceries

Experience Lab

Artistry Unleashed:
Kala Handicrafts

Frozen vs. Fresh:
Consumer Insights

Immersive Horizons:
Connecting AR/VR
Industry and Design

Virtual Horizons:
Revolutionizing Interior
Design with VR

Starlandia: Artistic Community Amplification Initiative

Alternatives to Bottled
Water Consumption

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